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LG X120 Netbook First Look (NCIX Tech Tips #30)

In this episode of NCIX Tech Tips, Linus get his first look at the pre-release version LG X120 10" notebooks. Thanks to LG CANADA for sending us the until.

LG X120 3G Netbook Review - BWOne.com

For pics and full review head over to http://bwone.com/lg-x120-3g-netbook-review/\r
The LG X120 Netbook is a 3G ready netbook that comes out in the crowded market of 3G ready netbooks\r
The first thing that stands out when you look at the X120 is the nice soft look and feel of it with the nice accents on the the side that give it a nice touch of color with the nice soft rounded edged. The keyboard is a nice size and feels good to type on the keys. The mouse pad as a bit of a plastic feel to it but it does work well. The 10.1 in screen gives you a lot of screen real estate to work with when looking at longer documents such as spreadsheets. There is a 1.3 Megapixel camera that can be used for video chat and Skype calls. To this on the road the netbook comes 3G ready, an 1.6ghz Intel Atom processor and 1GB of ram and 7 hours of battery life on a full charge to round up the hardware specs.\r
LG Smart On\r
A quick way to access information without full loading into the OS you can. the OS turns on in a second and gives you access to quick things such as Web, Music, Pictures, Online Gaming and Chat. The interface which is a Linux based OS is pretty quick and simple to use and give you what you need quickly on the go and even will save you battery life.......Read full review with pics at http://bwone.com/lg-x120-3g-netbook-review/

Démonstration du netbook LG X120

Démonstration du Netbook LG X120.\r
Léger (1,2kg), excellente finition et dual boot.\r
L'actu Live du MWC 2009 sur www.mobifrance.com




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